Samsung submits patent for Galaxy smartphone with slider screen and rotating camera

According to the patent document – which can be viewed here – the upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphone will feature a ‘roll-up screen’, as well as an additional display on the rear and a camera that rotates under the display.

Let’s Go Digital uncovered a patent that Samsung Electronics filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in April 2019. The 58-page document is titled Electronic device with flexible display, and was published on 17 October.

Based on the description of the untitled device, the Let’s Go Digital team created a render that shows a device with a front screen with a narrow metal frame for the ‘rollable display to slide through’.

samsung galaxy smartphone
Image via Let’s Go Digital.

A Samsung screen out of this world

By sliding the screen down, the screen surface extends from the rear, through the bottom to the front.

In addition, the patent description mentions a rotating camera. We’d like to point out that it’s nothing like the Galaxy A80’s camera, which was launched earlier this year. There’s one significant difference:

“This time, Samsung seems to connect the rotating camera to the rotating screen. If the display is rolled out, the camera automatically rotates. In addition, the camera is placed under the flexible display. The rear is equipped with a so-called ‘through-hole’, so that the lens can shine through.”

While the placement of the camera – in the lower half of the device – is interesting in and of itself; the patent also mentions the use of multiple lenses.

samsung galaxy smartphone
Image via Let’s Go Digital.

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Apart from the fact that we’ve never seen this type of camera tech in a phone, Samsung is still going all out.

Overcoming screen obstacles

One of the many challenges that smartphone manufacturers are currently grappling with, is coming up with solutions to increase screen surface; without going back to the larger devices from the days of yore.

Samsung is already pushing the boundaries with its upcoming Galaxy S11. It will allegedly feature an elongated screen unlike anything we’ve seen before. The Samsung S11 is expected to make its debut in February 2020.

Despite redefining mobile technology as we know it with their current devices, Samsung is now pushing for futuristic tech that probably doesn’t exist at this point in time.

We’re curious to see if the yet-unnamed Samsung device will even materialise.

samsung galaxy smartphone
Image via Let’s Go Digital.

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Note: The high-resolution 3D renders of the Samsung smartphone used in this article was created by Let’s Go Digital.

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