Galaxy Fold 2: Samsung’s next-gen phone will reportedly debut in April

Rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 – now teased as the ‘Galaxy W20’ – have been doing the rounds since March 2019.

Update 16 October 2019: According to a report by The Bell, the Galaxy Fold 2 – codenamed “Bloom” – might be released as early as April 2020.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold predecssor earlier this year, but had to delay the launch when several test devices malfunctioned or even broke.

According to The Bell, Samsung allegedly has no plans to delay the launch of its second next-gen foldable smartphone. If the source is to be believed, the Galaxy Fold 2 will go on sale a month after the Galaxy S11.

Samsung Patents a Foldable Smartphone with S-Pen support, it might be the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2#Samsung #GalaxyFold #SamsungFold #GalaxyFold2 #SamsungNote10

— GadgetsFlix (@GadgetsFlix) October 8, 2019

Update 20 September 2019: Samsung has now moved onto the next phase in building up excitement around the rumoured Galaxy Fold 2, teasing it as the ‘Galaxy W20.’

The phone reportedly opens and closes like a traditional flip phone with a 6.7-inch screen. Think of the Motorala of yore – instead of opening like a book.

Trusted leaker Ice Universe also claims that there would be a smaller touchscreen on the rear, which will turn on when the handset is flipped closed.

Samsung’s second foldable phone will be the Galaxy W20 5G, a “flip phone.”
Someone caught its preheating poster at the exhibition.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) September 16, 2019

The Galaxy Note 10 launch might have been a success, sure; but Samsung still has a lot riding on its next foldable phone. The world is waiting with bated breath to see if Samsung will shoot itself in the foot again.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Well, the wait is over.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
3D renders created by Let’s Go Digital.

Samsung Electronics submitted the patent documents on 14 August 2019. The designs were added to the European Union Intellection Property Office (EUIPO) and World Intellectual Propert Office (WIPO) databases on 26 August.

Do note that the designs were approved and added to the database in record time. It’s very unusual, it could take months for the desings to be approved by the EUIPO and WIPO.

The documents for the new Fold can be viewed here: Model A, Model B, and Model C. In order to visualise Samsung’s new foldable phone; Lets Go Digital designed a series of product renders, based on the patent sketches.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
3D renders created by Let’s Go Digital.

Model B is similar in design to the first Galaxy Fold. It has a modest front screen with wide edges. A triple-camera layout can be found on the rear as well.

The differences only become clear when you unfold the phone into its larger tablet format. However, the large notch on the current Fold has made way for a modest notch with two cameras.

The third patent (on which the 3D renders included in the article are based) shows a foldable device with a symmatrical screen that folds outward. With this device, however, the notch is positioned in the centre.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
3D renders created by Let’s Go Digital.

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 The folding line of this telephone is therefore not placed vertically, but horizontally. The phone ‘folds up’ into a narrow device, much like the PDA’s from the days of yore.

When will the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 arrive

Moreover, it’s possible that the patent request was sped up at Samsung’s request. The mere fact that the entire process was completed in just 12 days means we may just get the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 a lot sooner than initially expected.

If all goes according to plan, Samsung will reportedly release the Fold 2 early in 2020. We live in hope; never forget that the Galaxy Fold 1 was supposed to be released in April 2019 and yet here we are. Still waiting.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
3D renders created by Let’s Go Digital.

Samsung’s foldable phone stumbling blocks

Unlike the first Galaxy Fold – which was designed to be a phone that folds into a tablet – the ultra-compact Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly fold along the horizontal axis. Well played, Samusng.

This is welcome news, just ask any reporter who had to return their review model of the Galaxy Fold when debris and stray hinges caused the screen to malfunction.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
3D renders created by Let’s Go Digital.

Note: The high-resolution 3D renders of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 used in this article was created by Let’s Go Digital.

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