Xiaomi is working on a foldable phone with rotatable camera system

Xiaomi filed a patent for the clamshell device with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) back in November 2019; along with supporting images.

The 48 images submitted the CNIPA showed a “horizontally-placed camera system” at the top of the device. The system can rotate when needed. The document can be viewed here.

Let’s Go Digital unearthed the document but points out that the patent description, unfortunately, doesn’t indicate whether this “Xiaomi foldable smartphone will also have a cover display”.

Xiaomi clamshell phone with rotating camera

According to Let’s Go Digital, the phone is a compact, square-like model with a rotatable quad-camera setup capable of taking crisp, high-resolution selfies and snaps.

Xiaomi patent foldable phone rotating rotatable camera
Image via Let’s Go Digital

The receiver, which is placed underneath the camera, cannot rotate. In addition, the Flexi-screen is “there slightly deepened compared to the camera system” itself.

That means that the camera can be used regardless of whether the phone is folded or unfolded. The camera functions remain available at all times while still always for a large “uninterrupted screen”.

Xiaomi phone folding mechanism

Sketches of the folding mechanism hints that Xiaomi might have used a hinge similar to the hide-away hinge used by Samsung in the popular Galaxy Z Flip.

When the phone is unfolded, the hinge falls away nicely in the design and won’t be visible. That means that it also remains free of dust, dirt and other debris which could kill a folding phone.

Buttons could only be seen on the right side of the device – presumably volume toggle control, while the left side is free of any buttons; making for a sleek and elegant look.

Xiaomi patent foldable phone rotating rotatable camera
Image via Let’s Go Digital

Xiaomi foldable smartphone release date

Dates have not yet been confirmed at this stage, however, Let’s Go Digital believes the phone may be revealed during the second half of 2020. They explain:

“It is striking that Xiaomi recently had several phone models captured with a rotating camera. First a regular device, now also a foldable model. It, therefore, seems that Xiaomi is considering integrating such a camera system into one of its future models”.

Innovative streak

Earlier this year, Xiaomi filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) for a phone with a wraparound display.

The patent document was simply titled ‘Mobile phone’ and can be viewed here. It contained eleven images in total which shows both smartphone models with a flexible screen.

It was later revealed that the patent design was for the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. Popular tech guru, Marques Brownlee, was impressed by the design and said the phone was “pretty sweet to look at”. Watch his review here.

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