Samsung Galaxy A31 has arrived, a premium yet affordable smartphone

Samsung released two A-series devices back in January – the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71. With the launch of the Galaxy A31, Samsung is giving you even more ways to capture and share your experiences.

The Samsung Galaxy A31: What you need to know

Samsung describes the Galaxy A31 as being “designed for a generation that wants to express themselves to the world and look good doing it; anytime, anywhere.”

Galaxy A31 device details

The A31 sports a multi-purpose Quad camera and comes equipped with all the tools you would need to tell your stories, “no matter how big or small the subject matter is”. The device has an immersive 6.4-inch Infinity-U display.

In addition, it is powered by a robust 5 000 mAh battery to keep you going all day. According to Samsung, a typical 5 000 mAh battery “gives you the power to stream, share and game on.”

samsung a31 galaxy
Image via Samsung

In addition, a 15W Fast Charging session of 30 minutes will give you enough power to stay connected all day. Justin Hume, Director: Integrated Mobility at Samsung SA explains:

“The Galaxy A Series has always stood for value. The Galaxy A31 embodies this in a big way, through its premium features offered at an affordable price. We designed the device with bigger screens, powerful batteries and cutting-edge cameras – to bring A new world to life”.

Galaxy A31 performance

The Samsung Galaxy A31 has fast processing with enough storage to keep you focussed on the now. The advanced octa-core processor (yes, octa-core!) allows for efficient multi-tasking performance.

The only downside here, from a personal point of view, is the 4GB of RAM. Lastly, you’ll be able to download more and delete less with 128 GB internal storage. Boost that with a 512 GB microSD card.

Lastly, the Galaxy A31 comes with high-tech biometric authentication. According to Samsung, the “On-Screen Fingerprint scanner recognises your unique fingerprint”, meaning you’re the only one who can unlock the device.

samsung galaxy a31
Image via Samsung

Camera specifications

As for the camera, the A31 has a 20MP front camera for snapping clear, high-resolution selfies, along with a 48MP main camera to make your images look even more professional.

The quad-camera setup also features a 5MP macro cam which has been upgraded to allow for highly refined close-ups, and 5MP depth camera with multiple live focus effects.

Samsung explains that the built-in 5MP macro camera “shoots with clarity and quality helping you bring out the ultra-fine details of your close-up shots.”

The 5MP Depth Camera lets you adjust the depth of field before and after you’ve captured the perfect shot. It also “reduces unwanted background noise from your images to make them look more professional”.

We will publish an in-depth review of the Samsung Galaxy A31 in due course.

samsung A31
Image via Samsung

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