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Huawei is pushing the envelope again. The Chinese manufacturer filed a patent for a phone with a rotating camera system. The cameras are hidden and the system is equipped with a flash as well.

Huawei’s latest patent: Here’s what we know

The 180-degree rotating camera

Huawei Technologies filed the patent on 9 January 2019, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Global Design Database approved the concept on 17 December 2019. The patent can be viewed here.

The patent includes 12 images, and the team over at Let’s Go Digital was able to create the renders used in this article; showing a full-screen phone with a triple camera.

Image via Let’s Go Digital

Huawei’s upcoming phone is similar to Samsung’s A80 in many aspects, the first smartphone to incorporate a triple rotating camera. What sets the A80 apart is that it turns on its axis in the housing.

A budget device

It counts in Huawei’s favour that the design team opted to go for a cheaper solution than the A80. The system might not spin on its axis, but it folds from the rear to the front, resulting in a 180-degree rotating camera concept.

The device will be equipped with three cameras, which will include a main camera and a selfie camera. 

Furthermore, if the triple-rotating camera system is implemented correctly, it would have a number of advantages over the pop-up camera that can be found in other Huawei devices, such as the P Smart Pro.

By incorporating a 180-degree rotating camera system, the total number of cameras can be reduced from four to three while the user will still be able to take decent quality selfies.

Image via Let’s Go Digital

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Rotating cameras in Huawei and Honor devices

It is quite possible that this design will first be applied by Honor. The design of the Honor 9X is similar to the P Smart Pro – both phones have a single pop-up camera and a triple-camera on the back.

Honor introduced a smartphone with a rotating camera back in 2015, the Honor 7i. The Huawei ShotX was launched less than half a year later, with a similar camera setup.

That said, it’s been four years, and Huawei would now possess the necessary technology to design and implement a successful triple-rotating camera in a smartphone.

Cost and release date

The release date and cost associated with this device is still unknown. Some rumours, however, suggest that we could see this phone in action as soon as 2020. Fingers and toes crossed!

Note: The high-resolution 3D renders used in this article were created by Let’s Go Digital.

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